Experiment #2


  Experiment #2


With the first experiment you should have came away with people who wants your company and maybe you don’t mine being around them as well. You are the average of the five people you hang around with. Now that you know this it’s time to raise your standards, add more value to your life and expect more. We’re going to do this by starting with ourselves. We start with ourselves because you can’t and you shouldn’t try to change others. If you have continues bad relationships with work, friends or home your the only constant, so we’re not trying to change your relationships. We’re gonna add value to you, so that you can give and receive more from the world that you create for yourself. Hey, you get what you tolerate, put up with and what you put out. So, lets start by looking at ourselves.

Here’s the experiment, It’s a word association / questionnaire.

-When you hear the words man and woman what do you think of?

-Did you see yourself in your own definition?

If you saw someone or something other than yourself then good or bad what you see in others is what you see in yourself.

-Are you happy with who you see in the mirror?

Anything other then a definite YES, is a nice no. It’s okay to tell yourself the truth about what you think of your own self image. So, if you said yes you are happy with who you see in the mirror then great. If not what do you want to do about it? Do you actually need to do something about how you see yourself in the mirror? If yes, then how often are you checking yourself out in mirrors? Could you slow that action down? If your the opposite, always surprised by what your mirror shows you; why?


-Is that person in the mirror the same image of yourself you have in your head?

-If the two images differ, then how?

-Do you feel different than how you look or how you see yourself?

-What are your expectations for a man and a woman?

-Will your image of this person add more value to your life? How?

-Do you practice those same expiations you have for others?

-What do you need to do to have those same expectations for yourself?

-If you were an example of what your expectations are for a man or a woman would you be adding more value to your own life or to others. How?

-What will you do to gain this image for yourself?


Here’s The Point!

If you want more be more. If you’re worth more then show your value in what you do, your work, how you live, in the time you spend in your relationships. When you expect more make sure you’re a good example of what you’re looking for and that you  demonstrate the actions you expect to see in others.  When you’ve done all of this then you have raised the standards for the world you have created for yourself.  Jim Rohn has a great video on Increasing Your Value.