Social Experiments




There are 2 experiment for you to try out. I say try, but I would like for you to actively do these experiments for a whole month to see for yourself what benefits they could bring you.  It’s been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but what I want you to gain from these experiments is awareness of yourself and all the people you create your world with. Being mindful is being observant. Your subconscious takes in everything that you hear, see, smell, feel and taste. You filter most of it out, but it’s still there. Focus is having the ability to say no.  So, as I said before it takes 21 days to form a habit, but if your counting the days waiting for this to be over then your not going to change your life. Your just passing time to get back to the same old, same old. Now with that said if you fall off at any time it’s okay as long as you get back up and are aware of what you did and remember what you need to do. Practice makes perfect. When a month is over, yes the experiment is also over, but I would like for you to remember what you gained from it and when to actively engage in the experiment again when you need to. May you learn from every experiment you live through and gain knowledgeable experiences. Here’s to your continuous growth in your own awareness of your world. Below are some videos on awareness.

The importance of self-awareness

The Death of Self-Awareness

Gary Vaynerchuk SELF-AWARENESS – #MentorMeGary

Awareness Alone Is Curative – How To Auto-Correct Unwanted Behaviors