Experiment #1










Experiment #1

It’s been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but what I want you to gain from this experiment is awareness of yourself and all the people you create your world with. Being mindful is being observant. I want you to pay attention to what’s going around you. Your subconscious takes in everything that you hear, see, feel, smell and taste. You filter most of it out, but it’s still there. Focus is having the ability to say no. I’m not telling you not to have or be focused at times, at some point stop and look around, listen to your surroundings, feel or notice the energy in the area your in, smell the air, slow down to taste what your eating or drinking.  So, here is your task for this life experiment.

  • Be quite until someone speaks to you first. Don’t offer your opinion unless asked for it.
  • Wait for someone to ask for your attention. (Call your name, ask for your presents to be near theirs.)
  • Don’t touch anyone until they touch you first or they ask you to.

– This is what your looking for: Who and how many people spoke to you and or offered you conversation. Wanted you to hear from them, wanted to hear from you.

– Came over to be near you. ( Within 3ft., 3ft. is personal space.) If you can come within 3ft. of a person, you are welcomed. If you come up to a person and they turn to the side to create more space or back away form you then your not welcome.

– Asked your opinion. (They value what you think.) If asked for your opinion, then your voice holds value for whom ever asks for it.

-Touched you. (Out putting their energy on to you, they wanted you to feel their energy.)

-Wanted to be touched by you. (Wants your energy or wanted to feel your energy.)

You may want to write this down or better yet keep a journal.

* Who were those people, who came around you, spoke to you, wanted to touch and be touched by you?

*Did you consider them to be friends before this experiment? Are they friends now?

*Were their more men, women or an even number of both?

*How many different races were there that came around you, spoke to you, wanted to touch and be   touched by you?

*How did you feel when someone turned away or backed away from you? Who was it? Why do you think they turned or backed away from you?

*Did you turn away from or back away form anyone who wanted to be near you? Why?

*Were you surprised by who wanted to be near you and who didn’t? Why?

*Were you surprised by who wanted to be touched by you? Why?

*Did you like everyone who touched you, wanted to talk to you, wanted to be near you?

*Did this experiment change your opinion of anyone? Good or bad? Who and why?

The Point!

The point of this experiment is to get you to be more aware of your surroundings, your satiations, your emotions and the people who make up your world. Please focus on all of the positive things that came from this experiment, because happiness is a choice and I would like for you to choose to be happy.

Once you know that you have control over your own emotions, it won’t be too much longer before you find out about other things in your life that you can also control.