Having The Ability To Say NO To Distractions That Won’t Get You Closer To Your Goal.

Having The Ability To Say NO To Distractions That Won’t Get You Closer To Your Goal.

Hey, do you have time to run earns for a friend? Watch a season of your favorite TV show on Netflix? Or how about something seeming a little more important like laundry or the dishes? Hate, to be the one who breaks this to you but, these are all forms of procrastination and procrastination just happens to be a nice way of saying I’m afraid of starting or completing my goal. When you have the ability to say no to distractions, you’re focused.

How do you stay focus? Well, you’re suppose to write down your goal any where you can see it, tell a friend to hold you accountable, tell an enemy so, that they’ll make fun of you if you fail and most importantly put it on you calendar to make time for it. But hey things come up and they make for great excuses.

I got to sleep 8 hours, I got to work 8 hours, everyone is going to happy hour after work (4 hours), I need to relax and unwind after drinking, by watching my favorite TV show.

Let’s say you did all of this, even if you did relax by watching Netflix an hour or 2 should be enough. That leaves 2 hours left in the 24 we all get. You can work with that.

Things don’t take as long as we like to think. I know, it’s the getting started part that’s hard. Like Nike said and my generation X folks will remember this “Just Do It” Creative will flow once you start. No, there’s no such thing as motivation. Motivation will only show up after you produce that energy for yourself and you produce it by starting.

Shiny objects are every where and they all want your attention and your focus on them. When you’re freely giving away your time to distractions that’s just like saying that the goal you set for yourself doesn’t matter therefore what you want to better yourself doesn’t matter. “Make time for the people and things you want in your life” – Debra Crawford.

With focus you are powerful. When you put your focus on one thing at a time you can get more done and in less time. You will see you ideas get closer and closer to fruition, because you’re working on the very things that are moving you forward.

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Social Experiment

Write down your goal on post it notes. Put the notes on your computer, on every mirror in your house, on your refrigerator, on the sun visor in your car. Cut out pictures of your goal and put them on a vision board, take a picture of your vision board with your phone and save it as your wall paper, put that same picture on your desk top and tablet. Put your goal on your calendar, set aside 2 hours a day to work on your goal. After 3 days of being surrounded by what you said is your goal, how do you feel? If you feel crowed, pressured or like your being harassed this goal may not be for you. If you feel happy, excited and can’t wait for your 2 hours to start to work on your goal then you’ve picked the right goal.

A lot of people pick goals just because they see someone else doing something and they think well, if they can do it so can I. Even if this is true you may not like this goal for yourself. Live for you, you only got one life and you don’t know how much time you have here so, make sure your focus is on your own personal development.

Author: Ericka Bates

Hello! I'm Ericka Bates. I am a wife and mother of 2. Totally nosey with the ability to read. Therefore a great researcher. Things I like to look into autism treatments, health, meditation, and personal development. In much of my findings with autism, stress came up a lot. Stress turned out to be the cause for most health problems. Know what can defeat stress? Meditation! Meditation is not only a great way to get rid of stress, but it's also used to reduce anxiety, depression, anger, lower blood pressure and increase your creativity. There are many forms of meditation and right now I am actively practicing 4. I sit quietly and watch my breath. At first this was hard. My mind kept wondering, I was sitting in thought. Now my mind still wonders some, but I think that I'm getting the hang of it. Hey, practice makes perfect right. Walking is my favorite form of meditation. I listen to a podcast while walking and when I'm done I feel relaxed. Gratefulness or Gratitude is another good one. When I get upset, I stop and think okay, what's five things that's good about this situation. This calms me down and makes me feel better. Like the saying goes happiness is a choice and I wanna be happy. Happiness just doesn't show up you have to produces that kind of energy for yourself. Visualization is the fourth form of meditation I practice. I have a vision board with pictures of the things I want and the things I want to do. The pictures are fun to find, cut out, arrange, pin up and their nice to look at every day. Because your only choosing the things you like and want to do makes this form of meditation a joy to have in your life. It wasn't hard making meditation a part of my every day life. Now I feel that meditation is the foundation to anyone's personal development. Hopefully you'll find a form or forms of meditation that's just right for you too.

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