3 Action Steps To Take To Be More Confident And Live A Life That’s Yours!

3 Action Steps To Take To Be More Confident And Live A Life That’s Yours!

There were a couple of times that the world was suppose to end and either I didn’t believe it or I was doing something, someone else told me to do.

Anyone remember Wednesday December 12, 2012 – The last day of the Maya calendar? I do, I was at work. Working a 12 hour shift.

I personally believe that the guy writing the calendar got tired of his job and quit and no one else wanted to take over.

I just felt like I shouldn’t be at work on my last day on Earth. Good thing for me and Earth, Thursday December 13, 2012 came the very next day. HOORY FOR ALL! We all get another chance to live.

Then 4 months later I asked my husband (Wasn’t there suppose to be an asteroid coming soon?) He said yeah you missed it, you were at work . AHH! Chelyabinsk meteor hits Russia. Friday February 15, 2013 and again I was at work.

Either way I wasn’t living my own life. I just fell in line like the grown ups told me to. I thought that they must know better, they’ve been here at least 20 years before I got here.

Oh well, now I know that someone being older and having seniority doesn’t always mean smarter, better, or that they have my best interest in mind.

Now that my lesson has been learned, time to build up confidence and get on with life.

Be prepared

“Once you discover how self-esteem works, you will begin to live your life to the fullest and learn to build a wall of confidence, preventing problems or feelings that may arise from low self-esteem, from ever happening again.” Genevieve Amor

We should look into what we really want to do here with the time we have. I want to be helpful and useful to other entrepreneurs, who want to live instead of working for someone else just, because they were told to.

For me this means that I need to know my subjects and know them well. Meditation, Personal development and Branding. Meditation will help us get to know ourselves. Personal Development will help us work on habits, reactions, fears and discipline. These 2 mindset changes will help us better express ourselves through our Brands.


Think and act positively

“Your confidence in your own voice will carry into all areas of your life.” Eileen Rose

I believe that I can help entrepreneurs find themselves so that they will produce the work they want by having them do social experiments. because once we know ourselves, we’ll know what we want from others.

Take action

“Successful people overcome tasks with confidence and ease. Their difference from any other person is that they have learned how to face their problems and deal with it head on.” Rowena Cauba

I got up and out. I’m doing what I want with my life and I want to help and inspire others to do the same.


Social Experiment:

Make a list of all the things you want to do with this 1 life you have. Highlight 3 that you could possibly do this week. Do 1 of them. Write out how it felt to cross something off that list, How it felt to show up for that item on your list, How it felt during and after completion?


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Author: Ericka Bates

Hello! I'm Ericka Bates. I am a wife and mother of 2. Totally nosey with the ability to read. Therefore a great researcher. Things I like to look into autism treatments, health, meditation, and personal development. In much of my findings with autism, stress came up a lot. Stress turned out to be the cause for most health problems. Know what can defeat stress? Meditation! Meditation is not only a great way to get rid of stress, but it's also used to reduce anxiety, depression, anger, lower blood pressure and increase your creativity. There are many forms of meditation and right now I am actively practicing 4. I sit quietly and watch my breath. At first this was hard. My mind kept wondering, I was sitting in thought. Now my mind still wonders some, but I think that I'm getting the hang of it. Hey, practice makes perfect right. Walking is my favorite form of meditation. I listen to a podcast while walking and when I'm done I feel relaxed. Gratefulness or Gratitude is another good one. When I get upset, I stop and think okay, what's five things that's good about this situation. This calms me down and makes me feel better. Like the saying goes happiness is a choice and I wanna be happy. Happiness just doesn't show up you have to produces that kind of energy for yourself. Visualization is the fourth form of meditation I practice. I have a vision board with pictures of the things I want and the things I want to do. The pictures are fun to find, cut out, arrange, pin up and their nice to look at every day. Because your only choosing the things you like and want to do makes this form of meditation a joy to have in your life. It wasn't hard making meditation a part of my every day life. Now I feel that meditation is the foundation to anyone's personal development. Hopefully you'll find a form or forms of meditation that's just right for you too.

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