Does it matter?

Does it matter?

Sometimes I wonder what’s the difference between depression and being lazy and does it matter? So, I Googled it because who else would know? This is what I found. An article by Michael Grunebaum, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at CUMC and this is what he said.

I asked this because sometime I wonder if I’m doing the right thing or not. Sometimes I dwell on things that I know I should let go of. Sometimes I don’t put any efforts into things I know other people care about. I read that laziness is a judgment placed on you by others, but most likely by yourself. You have control over yourself, so you don’t have to be lazy. Depression seemed like something that claimed you. So if I had to choose. I don’t want either one! So, what am I doing to get over myself? Well, I know that you only get so much time here and you don’t get to know how much. I heard Jamie Foxx talk about this on the Tim Ferriss Podcast. Jamie said, “Let’s say you only get 100 years here and if you’re black, you’re lucky if you get around 60. So, knowing that you only got so much time here what do you want to do with yours? How do you want to be remembered?” Knowing this made me think, but still not enough to get me to care about doing anything. My Mama passed at 61 years of age. Now she told me that no one lives forever and that she will also pass. She told me this at least 3 times that I can remember and when my brother called to tell me of her passing, I didn’t believe. I called one of our Aunts to confirm. I was still shocked and surprised. My Mama said to make time for the things and people you care about. That’s what I’m putting more efforts into now making time for what I want. I found that people telling me what to do who don’t have my best interest at heart, really annoys me. We buried my Mama within 4 days of her death. I saw family that I haven’t seen in a really long time and I also saw them all come together to plain a viewing of the body, a funnel, a burial and a repass. We chose flowers, music, clothes and made a really nice program all together. I had to just stop and think WOW people willingly working together for a common good. This made me feel like everyone really cared for my Mama, for me and for my brother.  So, there it was, I saw that something besides an individual self matter more. Now my husband has said this all along and he wasn’t the only one who has said this to me. I took care of my family, but that was something I always felt your suppose to do. I think that I got it, because I saw so many people care all at one time and that mattered to me. That moved me!  Does it matter? Do you matter? Yes! You being there, your words and your actions make an impact on the lives around you. You may not always know who your influencing, but I can assure you that you are making a differences in someone’s life. You matter!





Author: Ericka Bates

Hello! I'm Ericka Bates. I am a wife and mother of 2. Totally nosey with the ability to read. Therefore a great researcher. Things I like to look into autism treatments, health, meditation, and personal development. In much of my findings with autism, stress came up a lot. Stress turned out to be the cause for most health problems. Know what can defeat stress? Meditation! Meditation is not only a great way to get rid of stress, but it's also used to reduce anxiety, depression, anger, lower blood pressure and increase your creativity. There are many forms of meditation and right now I am actively practicing 4. I sit quietly and watch my breath. At first this was hard. My mind kept wondering, I was sitting in thought. Now my mind still wonders some, but I think that I'm getting the hang of it. Hey, practice makes perfect right. Walking is my favorite form of meditation. I listen to a podcast while walking and when I'm done I feel relaxed. Gratefulness or Gratitude is another good one. When I get upset, I stop and think okay, what's five things that's good about this situation. This calms me down and makes me feel better. Like the saying goes happiness is a choice and I wanna be happy. Happiness just doesn't show up you have to produces that kind of energy for yourself. Visualization is the fourth form of meditation I practice. I have a vision board with pictures of the things I want and the things I want to do. The pictures are fun to find, cut out, arrange, pin up and their nice to look at every day. Because your only choosing the things you like and want to do makes this form of meditation a joy to have in your life. It wasn't hard making meditation a part of my every day life. Now I feel that meditation is the foundation to anyone's personal development. Hopefully you'll find a form or forms of meditation that's just right for you too.

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